Vacances share latest hit "Hearts"

Artistic identity has always been a complex topic for artists as you often play the difficult game of balancing uniqueness with familiarity. New York duo Vacances are walking that line with finesse, taking equal parts indie-pop and 80s electro, weaving them together seamlessly with stellar songwriting.

Perhaps the secret is their non-stereotypical writing process, when working on their forthcoming EP Strangers, they travelled across Europe to absorb the sights and sounds of somewhere new, and upon returning to the studio with a fresh perspective took this approach: If I bring in a song that I like or look at as inspiration, we just stop right there and toss it out, Alex really helped to make sure things come from a place that we created and not something that was too heavily influenced by another artist”.

Vacances have clearly struck gold with this approach, with a string of successful singles including their latest; an energy filled electro pop offering Hearts. As infectiously groovy as it is stylish, Hearts spins a relatable tale of love on the dance floor. Your heartbeat's got me dancing, and it's got us dancing too.