Fangclub release magnificent new EP "True Love"

Fangclub have recorded somewhere else this time bringing a different vibe and sound

High intensity heavy noise wonders Fangclub remain a forceful but stunning kettle of fish on the alternative rock circuit. Fresh from their recent UK headline tour, the Irish rockers are releasing their highly anticipated brand new EP today.

With a title like True Love the three band members guitarist and vocalist Steven King, bassist Kevin Keane and drummer Dara Coleman already allude to what is essentially the main vibe on the EP. We are talking about real, intense and passionate experiences and it is does not stop there.

Immediately making a strong impression when they first released their self-titled debut in 2017, the album received rave reviews and radio airplay which is not a fate always destined for bands at the heavier end of the rock spectrum.

Because good songs is one thing which remains right at the core of the band's focus.

 Dara "It is easy to get carried way and focus on the tricks around a song and as a musician you want to sometimes show how much you are capable of but at the end of the day if it is not serving the song any purpose it is best leave it out. We know our place as musicians and are able to filter away what is unnecessary."

The group's song material has so far highlighted that outlook. There are songs and there are really good songs and Fanglub's music fall into the latter category. What makes their songs particularly special is that whilst sticking to their grunge and DIY ethos and sound, they take the sound and blend it with strong memorable choruses, always ensuring the quality of the songwriting is in place before anything else.

True Love is no different in that sense. But what differs slightly is that the band take their values a significant step further than they did on their debut album, explains Steven.

"We have recorded somewhere different too that kind of brought a different vibe and sound. It is definitely progress for us, without a doubt. It is also the first time we chose to work with a producer with an EP, we produced our first EP ourselves."

The new EP follows the release of their brilliant track Knife, released only a few weeks back.

Describing True Love as "A collage of an intense year that almost ended the band", speaking with cool honesty about the music and lyrical content, Steven recently shared some intimate and insightful details about the EP and what inspired some of the songwriting.

"Last year I became infatuated with the idea of True Love. But not just love of a person. Love of drink, drugs, people, actions and habits. Anything can be your "One True Love" if you let it. Love can be painful. True Love can cut deep like a knife."

"Knife" was my skewed idea of an obsessed love (at the time). It is an introduction to the EP's theme. Am I using you or are you using me? I don't care, I need you. Keep me alive, kill me, keep me warm, make me cold, make me happy, make me sick, wake me up and make me sleep. I don't mind being chained to you under the blanket of True Love."

"I'll be anyone, I'll will be anything, swear I'll behave ... Twist the knife"

 Variety plays a huge part. The beautiful melancholy heard on Heart Is A Landmine is key to Fangclub's sound but then Smother takes the listener on an energetic ride through the 1990s referencing the likes of Foo Fighters and Green Day. Sweater Forever bursts with feel good vibes and vibrancy and High is a suitably forceful, stunner of a track.

Fangclub's music is addictive and It's All Indie cannot wait to hear what is coming next. What we do know is that is bound to be very good.

Steven: We just want to keep making good music and be excited about what we do. We are not too focused on getting huge and making it really big. As long as we can keep making music am all game."

True Love is out now 

Title tracks include

Heart Is A Landmine
Sweater Forever

Live dates - July

13th - 2000 Tress, Cheltemham, UK
20th - Truck Festival, Oxford, UK
27th - Sunflower Festival, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, UK