Kitchenette unveils stunning new track "Upon The Shoulders"

The Dutch outfit of Kitchenette have revealed their brand new track "Upon The Shoulders", and it's already getting a whole lot of attention. From being put into the NIKE Spotify playlist in the USA, to Mexico and their own country, they're getting a lot of fans, quickly! Their sound is very post-punk revival, very Editors and Interpol in places and even a bit of The Killers with Phoenix mixed in for good measure, which uis no wonder why when you listen to the track you'll feel right at home.

The band say - " ... "Upon The Shoulders" is a song about the millennials. Our generation that sometimes feels lost in these times of endless possibilities, but is also free and careless at the same time.". They sound like one of the most exciting bands to come out of The Netherlands in the last few years, be sure to give it a play!