FRONDE drops breathtaking debut track "CONFUSED"

FRONDE has totally blew us out of the water with his breathtaking debut offering, "CONFUSED". The singer-songwriter-producer otherwise known as Jameson Gerdon has really made himself known to us now with what he has achieved.

Debut Single by FRONDE. Written, recorded, produced by FRONDE (Jameson Gerdon). He says - "Ever since I picked up an acoustic guitar when I was 12, I knew that music was something I was going to do for the rest of my life. I'm good at talking, but not about my feelings. I like to "make up stories" to write about, but I usually end up later realising that these stories are really just my feelings wrapped up in a disguise that takes me months to realise what they are. I just let the words come out, and slowly with time the meaning starts to show itself to me. "

What's more impressive is that everything was written, recorded, produced, mixed, by himself in his hayloft bedroom studio. So if you love some chillwave, Jack Garratt sounding alternative electro-beats then this is the place to be!