Alex Turner reveals initial lyrics for "Four Out Of Five"

Alex Turner has been talking about the new Arctic Monkeys album again, and has revealed some of the original lyrics for "Four Out Of Five".

Alex said - "The lunar surface is what my friends nicknamed the room in my house in L.A. where I was doing all this writing and recording. I like the idea that records can sometimes feel like places the listener can go and get lost. And a lot of the chords and music in these songs felt lounge-y in a way that just seemed, to me, to fit on the moon. So then I was in outer space, and I just kept going. Four stars out of five is a bit of a pun, with the stars. I may have gotten a bit carried away there."

The track began with the lyrics - "Karaoke and raspberry beret, in imaginative ways, and I get signed right then and there by a hotshot executive / I wasn’t expecting it that easy."