Hewan shares tenacious new single 'Dope' [IAI Premiere]

Creative identity is something that a lot of artists struggle with, you need something to separate yourself from the competition and define you as an artist. Understanding this identity is where the true artistic genius comes into play, and in the case of Bay Area native Hewan, her identity is defined by her timeless honeyed voice, reminiscent of more than a handful R&B icons through the decades.

This allows for so much more freedom and dexterity across genres, as you're no longer defined by your instrumental choices and more by your personality as an artist, allowing you to spin a more personal narrative. Previous release Strip for Me was a hard hitting piece of trap-influenced nu-R&B, that set the bar high and whet our appetite for things to come.

Latest offering Dope retains the forward thinking contemporary production but goes opts for a more stereotypical display of stellar R&B songwriting. Snappy drums compliment the shimmering synth work, laying down the perfect foundation for Hewan let her voice pierce through gripping your attention tightly in it's three minutes for a performance that reaches anthemic status - tune in now.