BLOWSOM shares grooving 'Old 21'

A variant on the word 'blossom', Arnaud Bernard, or BLOWSOM has let his music truly blossom and live a boundary-less prosperity. He is the master of his indie electro pop domain, weaving together iconic pop sounds from each sub-genre into his eclectic melting pot that provide a grooving foundation for his vocals to blissfully overwhelm your consciousness. His humble French tones croon nonchalantly through each release, with a timbre and delivery so sweet it could apply a calming harmony to even the darkest of topics.

Not the case in this release however as Arnaud addresses the melancholic subject of adulthood and the transition from the cusp to the fore. Perhaps better explained himself, Arnaud shares: "“This track is about the Peter Pan syndrome, which is when you don't want to grow. Nostalgia, maturity are the main themes of the song. Also how weird it is to feel old when you are only 21 years old.”