Deliah shares visual parallel to standout track 'Infinite'

Four-piece Deliah, with members based across Liverpool and London take influence from soul, electronica, funk and indie, painting their music from a palette of sounds that covers both the organic and electronic realm. Taking all these facts at face value without hearing the music, you might think that their sound is a little confused as they draw from such a wide pool of inspiration yet they all meet in the middle perfectly to create their elusive and emphatic pop to an incredibly high standard.

Visually, there's choreography that emits the powerful message as the music, and its uplifting and immersive effects.

Infinite: focuses on the next part of the journey – mastering a craft. The time and effort put into creating, and achieving, potential can be lost through a struggle and ambition that can have no definitive end point.Who defines something as ‘good’, or a success? Who defines someone as ‘good’, or a success? When is the artist, or craftsman, finished in this endeavour? And, was the finished product worth the struggle." - Deliah