Gianni & Kyle excel on hip pop triumph 'do u even miss me at all'

A project born a few years back in Maryland, rising duo Gianni & Kyle have hit full throttle since moving to the wildly creative and fast paced L.A. Working in contemporary flavours from across the hip hop and pop spectrum, the duo have cut their songwriting teeth and are ready to step boldly into the spotlight with the melancholically titled do u even miss me at all.

Melancholic musically it is not however, produced by Kojo a. and Nicky Quinn, do u even miss me at all bursts with an emphatic energy, and at first listen is vaguely reminiscent of UK Grime artists when they crossover into club pop. Soon to be on tour with Hoodie Allen, Gianni & Kyle set a palpable vibe so tune in now and turn it up.