The Collier Release captivating anthem "Easy To Love" [It's All Indie Premiere]

             Southend's finest The Collier will be releasing their single ‘Easy To Love’ tomorrow Friday                    and It's All Indie has the premiere today.
Written in the aftermath of an argument lead singer Joshua Hixson had with the band, Easy To Love is a heartfelt apology; a peace offering presented with real honesty and sentiment.

Recorded at the iconic Rockfield Studios in South Wales, and produced by heavy-weight artrock producer Ali Staton (Pulp, Madonna, PJ Harvey), this is the band's most emotive offering yet.

The first half of the song boasts cinematic pads, lush chords and exposed acoustic guitar, all perfectly complemented by Josh’s gripping vocals.

An underlying sense of forgiveness shines through as the song gradually builds, before, in true Collier style, their pent-up rock energy billows forth.

Easy To Love is a strong unforgettable tune and a real anthem.