New Arcades share 80s infused indie hit 'Hideaway'

Duo Dean and Adam, better known as New Arcades, are encapsulating the neon sounds of the 80s with the their cinematic inspired vision that completely sidesteps any antiquated cheesiness by tuning up with a masterful and modern indie pop influence. The result are powerful and heavily immersive songs that live the dichotomy of being incredibly cutting edge and charmingly nostalgic simultaneously.

Latest cut Hideaway, compounds their distinctly colourful aesthetic by slowly turning up the emotion, with simmering synths and brooding drums providing the perfect vehicle for the vocals to nestle in at the back of your mind - which leaves the melody rattling in your head all day. The emotion plateaus after the bridge with an iconic guitar solo that transitions seamlessly back into the final chorus - Hideaway is truly something to behold.