youth shares anthemic debut 'Fire'

Steven Mudd, perhaps known as being one half of acclaimed indie pop act Golden Coast, excels in his debut solo efforts with the powerfully anthemic Fire. Working with a grittier sound than his previous creative efforts, youth exudes an irrefutable energy that'll have you moving in no time. Clearly confident with his skill and no amateur, youth starts strong in displaying the huge creative potential that this exciting new act has.

“I was trying to explore a palette for myself that blended the aggression & attitude of rock stuff I grew up loving with a more modern electronic aesthetic. Fire kind of wrote itself once I had created a track that felt like it gave me all of those elements & excitement” - youth

There's iconic flavours of pop and rock masterpieces across the board in this, but it's executed with an electronic backbone in a way that comes across so fresh and cutting edge. With our pallets dutifully whet, we wait with bated breath for youth's next foray.