Zoe Konez shares emotively gripping 'The Sweetest Thing Is Love'

South London based singer-songwriter Zoe Konez offers up her latest timeless pop triumph The Sweetest Thing Is Love and even within the first few chords you'll be completely entranced by her effortlessly iconic songwriting. Refreshingly contemporary while retaining a comforting level of nostalgic and familiar influence, Zoe spills her soul into a sweetly charming love song that executes a delightful melancholy. With a clear ear for indelible melody, Zoe enraptures your consciousness with this pensive reverie that only whets our appetite for more.

"After self-producing one of the four songs on my last EP, I became obsessed with producing my own music. I'm really excited to put out The Sweetest Thing Is Love, which I really have put my heart into making. Capturing the spirit of the song took some work - I'm not a pianist so it took some work to learn to play the song I'd written! I was keen to bring together a laid back, electronic pop vibe with real-world piano, acoustic and electric guitar." - Zoe Konez