Farebrother step-up their game again with new track "I'd Be The Worst" [IAI PREMIERE]

Bath-born quartet Farebrother are back with another song that's really upping their game, this one is one of the most thrilling tracks I have heard in recent months. After releasing two singles "A Little Late" and "Rewind" the band have been building a dedicated fanbase all over the South and West of England and you can easily hear why once you press play on "I'd Be The Worst"

"I'd Be The Worst" showcases their defining confidence and anthemic soundscape which is clearly evident in both previously released material. Tom highlights his fascination with 'people’s fears in life' and the thoughts that go 'through everyone’s minds and shake them to the core'. The bands composition of "I'd Be The Worst" is a 'small exploration' into fear and the frustration that is so present 'behind people never knowing what you’re thinking or what is exactly going through your head,however much you want people to know'