fika release the jazzy lament 'High' [IAI Premiere]

With a name inspired by the Swedish concept for taking a break and having a coffee, the London-based duo Sam Hutton and Al Wreaves, or fika, are providing the same respite in their smooth-as-silk take on modern jazz, soul and R&B. The pair has been slowly trickling through releases over the past year or so, bouncing around the broad spectrum of sounds they draw influence from while retaining a sound distinctly unique to them.

“’High’ is a love song about when you’re together in your own little bubble, not thinking about anything or anyone else. The feeling of escaping when you switch everything off, except your attention to one another.”

Latest track High is an amorous lyrical journey through a fluid mix of electronic piano, slick guitar licks, and sweetly melancholic vocals that all work in perfect synergy, sweeping you away into that aforementioned respite with affable ease. Keep an eye out for what's next from fika as their story has only just begun.