HYYTS shirk the norm in visuals for 'Butterflies In My Head' [IAI Premiere]

We caught wind of Glaswegian duo HYYTSButterflies In My Head back in September, and it instantly nestled in at the back of our minds as a standout indie pop triumph leaving us humming it for days. The sweetly melancholic verses laced with a touch of funk explode into the stomping choruses; the groove is truly irrefutable.

Lifelong friends Sam & Adam have an undeniable synergy and draw from influences as diverse as Kanye West, Scissor Sisters, Arcade Fire, and Frank Ocean - yet while there are flavours of these iconic acts scattered throughout the track which conjures a familiar vibe, they manage to make something refreshingly cutting edge.

Now sharing the video accompaniment, HYYTS finesse their transition into the visual realm with a down-to-earth representation of music's effect on the humdrum of the everyday. Portrayed as warehouse workers we see the music fully take control and chaos ensues, playing with real-life metaphor taken from the song.
“We wanted the video to be really visually memorable, and it was important to us that it echoed our love for weird and artistic videos. We got visual artist Danny Cook on board to direct it and basically went up to a warehouse in Dundee with a bunch of people and had a blast for a couple of days. We loved the idea of reimagining butterflies, cocoons and all the themes they evoke (rebirth, change, reincarnation) in a kind of gritty way with big industrial strength bags and writhing bodies inside.”