Jazzboy releases 'Romeo', a love-story about a man and his ego [IAI Premiere]

Avant-garde Parisian psych-popper JAZZBOY, smears cartoonish pastel panoramas using surreal instrumentation and lyricism. He incorporates some of the spirit of art-rock into his pleasantly garish soundscapes, surreptitiously referencing the scene at times.

 IAI get the exclusive first-play of ‘Romeo’ – focusing the Frenchman’s debut EP ‘Jesus Jazz’, which is out today. Musically, the track holds ever-present minor tonalities, and its arrangement follows more of a pop-path than its counterparts, yet its instrumentation is still unorthodox. Ball-and-chain-clinks underlie the entirety of the track making for a pleasingly outlandish percussion part, yet Jazzboy’s melodies remain captivating and catchy.

Lyrically, he tells us “’Romeo’ is a love-story between a man and his ego. Themes of violence, passion, and impossible love run through the track.’ Jazzboy also draws classical literary themes from some of the greats too; ‘It’s made up of underlying Shakespearean-tragedy elements, and an indescribable subconscious feeling that I really wanted to put sounds and words on.’ ‘Romeo’ and the ‘Jesus Jazz’ EP is out on all platforms today (16th November 2018).

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