Spazz Cardigan shares new track 'DOIDOIT'

A product of the Millennial post-genre landscape, Spazz Cardigan approaches his music with an impressive and versatile musical style, and DOIDOIT boldy incorporates his versatile sound with his impressive professionalism.

Following the success of his previous LP I in early 2017, which he wrote and recorded while moving couch to couch over the great part of two years, DOIDOIT reflects on Spazz Cardigan’s hard-working ethic and dedication to creating a unique and personal sound. A track about the one question that unites everyone: why am I the way I am?, his story is relatable to his listener. It’s authentic lyricism and honest, with his raw vocals taking center stage. His imaginative and textural pop transcends the stereotypical pop genre with his uniquely accessible voice. Produced by Jeff Sojka, DOIDOIT, is to the point and a beautiful whirlwind of emotion. Spazz Cardigan lays out all the colours of his hip-hop infused production and provides a sense of refuge and inspiration to just be the best version of yourself.