Editors share "Hallelujah (So Low)" from their new LP "The Blanck Mass Sessions"

Having released their new LP on Record Store Day, Editors have now unveiled a second track from their new album "The Blanck Mass Sessions", which is going down well with the fans. The story of The Blanck Mass Sessions begins in 2017. Editors invited producer Benjamin John Power, aka Blanck Mass, to deconstruct the recordings that were to be the building blocks of Violence, and reassemble them in his signature saw-toothed experimental electronica.

The band then enlisted producer Leo Abrahams to find a middle ground between the two recordings, fusing the raw emotion of their takes with the sparse ferocity of the Blanck Mass original productions. Whilst this fusion of the three creative influences went on to become Violence, Benjamin's versions remained a work of art worthy of their own release, as frontman Tom Smith explains - "When we initially approached Ben to work with us on Violence we gave him free reign to do whatever he wanted. It seemed stupid to try and instill any boundaries or direction to him as he has such a singular, authored sound to everything he puts his hand to... so we left him to it. The results of that process being this release. A very visceral version of our album Violence."