The Polarity share the anthemic 'Skinny Jeans'

Writer's block is something everpresent in all forms of art. Especially in music, as you often risk alienating old fans by trying to reach a new audience, or in the case of Texas-based indie-rock outfit The Polarity, feel like you can't meet your own standards from previous works.
“So I’ve really had a hard time writing music ever since our last album took off. Every time I put together a song I always thought, ‘This isn’t good enough.’ I had to go back to the mindset of making music for fun and not trying to please people.”
The result is Skinny Jeans, where they achieve their goal of injecting a healthy amount of fun into their songwriting and its impact is abundantly clear. A stadium-sized indie-rock swagger seamlessly exudes from the quartet on their first single of the year. Tune in below.

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