Bohemian Dream Pop Artist Harry Nathan's lush new single "Fool For Your Love"

Ushered in by Harry Nathan's gentle vocal work, "Fool For Your Love" floats effortlessly along with soft piano melodies, lush drum work, vocal harmonies, a 3 piece soulful female choir, and a classical-tinged trumpet. Minimalist, yet melodically entrancing, Harry Nathan's musicianship and artistry take the reigns exchanging lyrics and voice with compositions that run the scope of empowerment, love, and beauty. The spoken word at the end of "Fool For Your Love" is actually Ryan Lee, who is also Harry’s across the hall neighbor.

“I recorded the song into the mic of those white Apple headphones, in a tiny beach-side shack in Mykonos I had rented for the Summer. I was falling in love with an amazing girl who inspired the song, the whole EP in fact. I needed to submit a song for my Berklee homework that night, so after a few quick takes into my headphone microphone I emailed my Professor, with the intention of eventually re-recording at home on a proper mic. I tried for two years to re-record it, I could never even get close to the vibe of the original recording - those little apple headphones recorded the truth.” - Harry Nathan

“I was recording Fool For Your Love and Ryan walks into my apartment and starts talking into my microphone, not knowing it was still recording. It landed perfectly in that spot. That’s when I knew it had to stay there.”
- Harry Nathan

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