SOUR share Wideboys remix of 'Separate Ways'

A trailblazing pop band have dropped an energetic remix of their most recent single from a distinguished DJ duo.

Three-piece Sour released their upbeat and tradition-shattering track ‘Separate Ways’ last month, and it his now been turned on its head and reimagined by Wideboys.

The electronic pairing are best known for their Top 20 hit ‘Sambucca’ and collaborations with Clean Bandit and P!nk, and have given this otherwise great pop tune, a real, night club quality.

The original output’s Latin beats, exotic trumpets and vibrant pop traits, which garnered thousands of streams across Spotify and YouTube, have been entangled alongside pulsating basslines and classic house keys - a combination sure to kick-start an eruption of nationwide, dance abandon.

Speaking about Sour’s track, Wideboys mastermind Eddie Craig said: ‘’When we heard the original bassline and vocal of this track we immediately caught the vibe and knew we just had to be involved in this project.”

The Wideboys remix of Sour’s ‘Separate Ways’ is out now on Are You Ready Records.

Listen below now:

Words: George Henry King