Dom Youdan shines brightly on 'Pockets' [IAI Premiere]

Aptly titled Pockets, Sydney musician Dom Youdan's fits into the pocket of genres across the musical spectrum without being easily defined. There are flavours of downtempo electronica, indie, pop-rock and classic singer-songwriter - and from that, it sounds like there's enough going for it to be a little confused but it's far from it.

Dom's voice and natural affinity for songwriting, combined with the tight, forward-thinking production, weave these elements into an intelligent, ever-evolving musical and lyrical narrative. Essential listening, check it out below.

“The song is built around holding onto the things we cherish dearly, whether they’re good or bad, and keeping them so secret that eventually, not even we can find them. It speaks to moving on but also struggling to let go.”Dom Youdan

Dom Youdan live:

Saturday 27th July
- Low 302, Sydney with Oly Sherman, James Campbell - Tickets

Dom Youdan online: