[TRACK OF THE WEEK] AALTA - Closer Than Ever (feat. Lenachka)

It's been a few months since I first heard this track, but since then I've found myself liking it more and more as each play goes by. The collaboration between AALTA and Lenachka is a stroke of genius, with Lenachka's vocals taking the track to the next level.

The duo of AALTA says - "A surrender to the night... whatever happens we'll take it together. This is the first track we wrote as AALTA. Lenachka came in and was the perfect pairing for the track we started."

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It's got some brilliant late night vibes, with some elements of Electro-Pop, RnB and Chillout coming together to create something that'll be sticking on your playlists for a long time. This sounds like it'll be perfect in a FIFA of Forza Horizon soundtrack with the uplifting melodies and driving basslines. Anyone hearing Lenachka's dulcet tones knows that it is a voice that they are going to be hearing a lot more of in the future.