Mariano Di Gabriele shares charming indie-pop single 'Write This Song With Me'

Fans of likes of Jack Johnson and primo John Mayer rejoice, Delaware artist Mariano Di Gabriele is here to fill that feelgood mid-00's void with his warm, and earnest indie-pop. Speaking to his songwriting process, Mariano states "When I write music, I don’t go for a particular genre, I just write the songs that I am feeling in my heart. When you do that, you don’t always get a “one genre”", and with that approach, Mariano's distinct character truly comes through.
In the song, the act of “writing a song” is used as a metaphor for building a life with someone that you care about deeply. I delve into emotions that anyone can relate to; the feelings of endless care for a person, the inevitable feeling of uncertainty for the future, and a longing to build a life with someone that is important to you. The song touches on the sentiment that even if the future is uncertain, at least we can go through that uncertainty together and write our own story.

For more on Mariano, visit his website.