Michael Baker shares poignant new single 'Baby Books' [IAI premiere]

Thankfully, the taboo of mental health is lessening its grip on society day by day, thanks to the ongoing conversation. Sharing his poignant aperture of the complexities of the subject is Anglo-French singer-songwriter Michael Baker with the tender Baby Books.

Flavours of Radiohead and Ben Howard come through on this melancholic ballad, which shines with an incredibly emotive honesty. The third single from his forthcoming album Salt., Michael is clearly pouring all of himself into this project and you can truly feel it. Essential listening.
“I wrote Baby Books after losing a friend who lost their battle with mental health. It shocked me how much we wear masks every day & how hard it is to see what is bubbling away underneath. Most of the time I feel that this song is not my song to sing, but then I remember the solution of all this is to talk more openly and be prepared to share our inner demons with friends and loved ones.”

Catch Michael Baker live at his headline show at The Finsbury, London on the 29th of October.

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