Rico Rolando delivers the smooth and sultry new single ‘Heartbreak’

Having already established himself as a smooth and sultry frontman with a string of beautifully serene releases, Caymanian singer and songwriter Rico Rolando now looks to continue his journey through the soft and impassioned world of RnB with his latest offering ‘Heartbreak’.

Teaming up with producer Vazco, ‘Heartbreak’ sees the artist channel the glossy and radio-friendly aesthetic of acts such as Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth, but deliver it through a raw and powerful lens. With a sweeping bed of soft and chilled pop production, his latest single allows him to showcase his powerful voice while remaining humbled throughout.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Heartbreak’, he added, I got signed to an indie label started by some friends. As we tried to navigate the world of music I put so much effort into the work that I let the love of my life go. I hurt her unnecessarily and to this day, still miss her. This song is basically a story of what I did and how it made me feel but also the other side I didn't feel - empathy. It's like both of us are talking to each other on the record saying what we should have said to each other.”

Rico Rolando’s ‘Heartbreak’ is available to stream and download now via GoldFYR Records.