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This week we feature - Ben Maier / Young In A Million / Doryan / Hessam / Brendon David / Crash Adams

Ben Maier
Ben Maier - In Deep

Ben Maier is one of London's rising singer-songwriters and his latest single "In Deep" is out now, it's a real power-pop anthem with layers of guitars draped on his captivating vocals, especially when it comes to the chorus. With the singer performing at countless shows all over the capital it's no wonder his singles are reflecting his ambition, this one sounds well produced and polished, a younger version of Springsteen perhaps? There are some similarities here!

With anthemic melodies, uplifting vocals and choruses that are ready for the big venues it sounds like Ben is readying himself for the big-time!


Young In A Million
Young In A Million - Sometimes

Young In A Million are one of those bands that you can tell they want to be huge. They've got songs literally written for the arena and festival stages of the world. The song we're talking about is "Sometimes", it's the summation of an entire life experience compressed into one song. Here the band sing about the high's and lows of the human experience, and it takes you on a journey of pain and excitement with some epic soaring strings in the bridges, big drums and captivating vocals. 

The band are comprised of two brothers, Kody and Alex Christopher, and the way they write their songs you can't help but get excited, there's a hint of U2 with the 'stadium vibes' that it's giving off, The 1975 with it's pop sensibilities and Coldplay with the production values. But there's one thing you need to do, give them a follow on the socials as they can quite easily be an arena band in the coming years.


DORYAN - Don't Quit Your Daydream

After being discovered  via competition called “Pride’s Got Talent” for Pride in London in 2014 he's since released an EP and s handful of singles but the singer is now back with an incredibly catchy pop anthem called "Don't Quit Your Daydream". It's one of those tracks that has an instant sing-a-long feel to it and a real drive with some infectious hooks with some tropical sounds mixed in for good measure. 

Speaking about the track DORYAN says - "I wrote “Don’t Quit Your Daydream” because I needed that message in my life. I basically wrote it as a reminder to myself not to give up or get too cynical about things. It’s important to keep believing in a certain kind of magic. It’s become a personal motto that I live by." - If you're in London and see his name on a gig poster, check him out, it won't be long before DORYAN is played all over the airwaves.


Hessam - Love Yourself

Hessam has recently released a glittering 80's influenced track called "Love Yourself" and comes off the back of his acclaimed pop anthem "Getaway". As he is a Swedish based artist instantly we come to love it as we generally do with any music from this region of the world, and it just proves to us that anyone creating music in Sweden has immense talent. Here in the chorus of the track Hessam proclaims - "If you can’t love yourself, how could love somebody else?" - and rightly so!

A bit of a backstory of about Hessam is that he was born in Iran then emigrated to Sweden with his family, after having a troubled teenage period of his life he sought refuge via the means of music and has never looked back, and thankfully he's now creating upbeat and catchy tunes such as "Love Yourself". We're loving this one and you definitely need to check out the song below!


Brenden David
Brenden David  - Right Up

Florida born (but raised in Tennessee) Brenden David has recently revealed his rather delicate and beautiful new track, "Right Up". He's a singer-songwriter that brilliantly crafts the perfect slow-jam indie-pop anthem, similar to that of LANY and The 1975 to some respects, with some acoustic elements mixed in with processed synths and beats that sound like they are from a West Coast Indie band, such as The Neighbourhood. There's one thing that he's done well with this track is how delicate he's kept it throughout the whole track, from his vocals to the smooth piano keys and even down to the drums.

If you're ever in Brenden's area of the world be sure to hit up one of his shows, but if not, be sure to give him a follow on the socials!


Crash Adams
Crash Adams - Make It Last

Back in May we has Crash Adams' previous track on the site and it certainly got a lot of attention, and now they're back with a new cut, "Make It Last". The duo are childhood friends who have been surrounded by music for their entire lives. They even produce, write, perform, mix and master all of their own music. Back to old-school Indie, I like it, and the track we're showcasing is much of the same with "Make It Last" once again taking us back to the mid 80's with screaming guitars, big and bold synths and electronic drums. The Ontario duo are definitely making us feel nostalgic with "Make It Last", I'd love to see them make an album rammed with cute like this.

If you love this them you'll love their back catalogue, so be sure to give them some love on the socials, after this you'll be wanting more!


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