GURU release rip-roaring new single "Don't Talk"

Emerging at the forefront of the Brighton's raucous punk scene, GURU continue to solidify their growing status with the arrival of their exhilarating double-A side "Don’t Talk / LTD". The first track on the single is absolutely ferocious with some eye popping and angular guitar tones, "LTD" is a longer jam but still holds it's own with some great bridges and shouty harmonics.

Speaking ahead of their forthcoming release, frontman Tommy Cherrill explained: “Don’t Talk is about learning. Learning from situations, learning from others, learning not to be like others and subsequently not making the same mistakes as those people have. It’s a cry of frustration I wish I could of made quite some time ago but didn’t have the words to. Though I’m still not entirely happy with the words I have now, you gotta walk before you can run, right?”