[IAI Premiere] Crimer unveils astonishing retro single and video ‘Bois Cry’

Swiss artist Crimer has revealed his new single ‘Bois Cry’, which is out now via Ultra.

One for 80's fans everywhere, both wonderfully nostalgic but matching modern pop production it's an adventurous listen. Expect retro synths along with blissful vocals, ‘Bois Cry’ is a release listeners could compare to their favourite 80s synth-pop groups.

The single comes with an angelic official video, with Crimer dressed in all white perched on top of a white horse. The visuals then shift to him dancing whilst wearing vintage attire that ideally complements the sound of the track.

In his words he puts.. “It’s always there: the painful feeling of having to hold back a gazillion tears, But don’t you feed fake strength because this salty water is as damn tasty as nutritious! So let it run and cry for fun.”

We premiere the single and video for 'Bois Cry', watch below.

Keep up to date with Crimer over on his website: https://crimer.ch