Stranger Girl ride a wave of nostalgia on 'Find The Humour' [IAI Premiere]

Rapidly rising to the top of Brighton's vibrant music scene is four-piece Stranger Girl.

Gritty indie and garage rock influences sublimely collide with frontwoman Melissa's ear for colourful pop vocal melodies, and the result is something truly special. Citing influence from such icons as Blondie, The Strokes and The Smiths, you can feel an air of familiarity to their sound but the trendless elements and approach maintain a distinct freshness.

We have the pleasure of premiering their latest single, Find The Humour along with the slick accompanying video. Addressing a relatable lovesick narrative, they state that “Find the Humour is about processing a break-up. It explores the themes of love and separation and learning how to navigate relationships in your twenties.”

Expect big things from Stranger Girl. Tune in below!

Stranger Girl online: