69th Rose returns with the emotionally powerful 'Dancing With The Devil'

After the rousing success of his previous cut ‘Summa’s Interlude’, which landed on numerous new music playlists upon its release, London-based producer and singer 69th Rose now looks to continue his raw and focused approach to hip-hop-inspired RnB with his latest jam ‘Dancing With The Devil’.

Mixing little more than a hazy guitar hook and pounding percussion, ‘Dancing With The Devil’ is smooth yet emotionally charged return. With his wonderfully strained vocals providing the base for this new release, he takes us on a smooth and heartfelt journey through the daily trials and tribulations of his own life.

Speaking about his latest cut, he said, “Dancing with the devil; a tainted peaceful night, a confusion, a blur, a raw emotion that could be perceived in many forms. Life often throws us into turmoil and more often than not we internalise these emotions, I decided to express that unapologetically. ‘Dancing With The Devil’ is ultimately a song about a bittersweet crossroad, be that a choice, a daydream or a risk. This song is the taboo that we dare not express. We all dance in some form or the other, we all go through our own mental storms while speeding through life.”

‘Dancing With The Devil’ is available to stream and download now, and you can check it out below.