Australia's The Disappointed release new track "We Don't Dream"

Perth is Australia is famous for having Tame Impala and POND as their residents, however it looks (or sounds, rather) like The Disappointed will be joining that list of musicians. Their latest single is "We Don’t Dream" and is lifted from their debut album "Escapism".

The track can be discribed as a mix of Electro-Rock from the early 90's mixed in with some Synth-Rock from the 80's and a bit of Prog-Rock mixed in for the breakdowns, the level of production here is amazing and is really clean and crisp. The heavy-synth track is catchy as heck with the vocals proving to be a delight to sing along to in the car - I have tried this!

The band say "[the track] explores the pervasive sense of hopelessness that has infused millennial culture as it slowly inherits the world from the baby boomers. What’s the price we’re paying for the widespread adoption of this worldview and where is this nihilism taking us?"

You can listen to "We Don't Dream" now down below, and if you love that check out their album "Escapism" which is out now via Blue Grey Pink.