Caleb Blair delivers the powerful new single 'Hate It When You Leave'

Following on from the success of his breakthrough single ‘Tropicana’, which has since gone onto smash the 200k stream mark on Spotify, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Caleb Blair continues his bold and impassioned approach to powerful pop music with the release of his latest offering ‘ Hate It When You Leave’.

Much like his previous cut ‘Dirty Adidas’, which dropped in April of this year, ‘Hate It When You Leave’ mixes commercially focused aesthetics with a broad and euphoric production. Merging the lines between radio-friendly pop and indie-rock, this new release showcases the effortless energy that is quickly becoming his calling card.

Speaking of his new single, he added, “Writing ‘Hate It When You Leave’ was an outlet for my frustration with myself when I realised I was constantly pushing people away that were trying to love me well. The lyrics in the bridge are the words I’m trying to turn into action still to this day.”

‘Hate It When You Leave’ is available to stream and download now, and you can check it out below.