Hazlett returns with the bright and sweeping new single 'Monsters'

Following on from the success of his previous singles ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Suncats’ from earlier this year, Australian singer and songwriter Hazlett now returns with another bright and sweeping new release, lifted from his forthcoming debut EP.

The new track ‘Monsters’ continues the same bold and progressive sound that he has showcased throughout his career so far. Opening up with a soft and wistful guitar hooks, the song quickly picks up the atmosphere before exploding in a glorious and uplifting chorus, that sees him mirror the same passionate intensity of acts like Ben Howard and Dean Lewis.

Speaking about the influence behind new offering, he added, “A new bar opened up in my hometown that became the place to go. I’ve never been much of a social butterfly but found myself following the crowd too. I started to notice the same people there week in week out, usually hooking up with someone different each time or even with someone who I thought their friend was with the week before. There were tears, crowded cubicles, fisty-cuffs and what felt like a soap opera at every corner. But I caught myself judging and I absolutely hated myself for it. We’re all just young and trying to figure it out, right? We’ve all done horrible things but that doesn’t make us horrible people, does it? If our hearts eventually land in the right place who am I to judge how we get there. We’re human, we’re gonna make mistakes. We’re all gonna be Monsters from time to time and that’s okay.”

‘Monsters’ is available to stream and download now through BLNK Music, with his debut EP due out early next year.

Have a listen to ‘Monsters’ below.