Issermann releases electrifying debut single Throated

Issermann is lyrically confronting his vulnerabilities,
writing heartfelt explorations with a wry sense of humour.

Growing up surrounded by an artistic family, the creative
bar was set high from a young age. Adopted by London
12 years ago, Issermann went through a multitude of
creative projects as a writer, producer, performer and more,
before bringing together these influences and experiences
on his own, searingly personal, project. 

These songs began life out of hours in the studio, when
he started singing on instrumentals he had originally
produced for South London rappers. Drawing on his
teenage years as a metal singer, and time spent honing
his craft in songwriting and production, the result is coming
together as an intimate, grungy and daring debut. 


Issermann’s first single, ‘Throated’, confronts a personal battle
with anxiety and self-destructive behaviour, with brutal honesty.
His raw, emotive vocals build amidst delicate piano, before the
instrumental explodes into grungy guitars and trap percussion. 

‘I was writing about a time in my life when I was losing the battle

with anxiety. I felt a literal lump in my throat - a manifestation of
all the wasted opportunities and unfulfilled ambitions. It was
making me gag and making me sick. In ‘Throated’, I’m
speaking to that other voice inside me, living out this fight to
recognise myself again.’ - Issermann

Check it out, here.