Mizbee establishes herself on debut single 'Joy'

Originally establishing herself as a drum n bass MC around the Newcastle rave scene, as well as a vocalist for a number of house and techno DJs these last few years, singer and songwriter Mizbee is now looking to step away from her initial roots as she delivers her debut single ‘Joy’.

Lifted from her forthcoming debut album, ‘Joy’ sees her follow in the footsteps of pioneering trip-hop artists such as Portishead and Lamb with a distinct soul-enriched offering. With a bold and impassioned production layered throughout her beautifully bliss vocals, this new release looks to reinvent her as a diverse and eclectic artist with far more to offer in the months to come.

Accompanied by a string of exciting remixes, arriving from electro champions Dusted Angels, disco-house aficionado Mark Jenkyns, and the ground-breaking originator of drum n bass Roni Size, ‘Joy’ is set to become a cementing work in the singer’s emerging career.

Have a listen to ‘Joy’ below.