Far Places unveil euphoric electro-pop wonder "Homecoming" [IAI PREMIERE]

Following on from the glorious success of their 2018 debut EP ‘Out Of Touch’, which went on to garner millions of streams and saw them supported by major Spotify editorial playlists such as Indie Pop Chillout and Viral 50 in 8 major territories, US electro-pop duo Far Places now return with a bold and uplifting new single ‘homecoming’.

Originally meeting at university, the pair ended up living on opposite sides of the US, continuing their collaboration online. Vocalist Fallon Bridgeland and producer Evan Chambers worked between Washington DC and Los Angeles respectively, delivering a flurry of lush and emotive pop singles that led many to compare them to the likes of M83 and MGMT.

Their latest offering ‘homecoming’ looks to continue this direction throughout. With Bridgeland’s strong and lofty vocals layered upon Chambers’ fresh and euphoric production, the pair have delivered a strong and impressive return that links up with their recent releases ‘for worse’, ‘sway’ and ‘el matador’ in showcasing their latest EP ‘memorabilia’.

Speaking about their latest cut, the band said, “’Homecoming’ is about the past and present colliding. It’s about going back to that town and seeing that person again. You become who you used to be for a while, taking refuge from current life with someone from the past. This record is about collecting the moments and relationships we carry around with us, our memorabilia. Each track has pieces of people and places we can’t forget. These impressionistic songs latch on to glimpses and instants, but the feelings of each moment come through powerfully. The familiarity of old love is intoxicating and comfortable, but there is a melancholy to this song. Despite that pull, we know that certain people are best left in the past. Nonetheless, we find ourselves lost in the feeling, feelings we should have left back with 22.’”

Far Places’ latest single ‘homecoming’ will be available to stream and download from the 28th January. Have a listen to it first below.