LAYLA releases music video for Forgive to Live

As the piano slowly transitions in and LAYLA's vocals come in, it's clear to see this is a track to have goose bumps arising.

This track is an honest ballad, the soulful feels show that LAYLA isn't playing around when she's talking about leaving the past behind and forgiving the wrongs in life.  To paint a picture on how personal this track is, it's the artist forgiving her school bullies that made her life unbearable when she started on this singing journey.

If anyone is liking what they are reading then you can click here for the premiere of the music video, that releases tonight at 9pm, where LAYLA herself will be in the premiere chat replying to her fans.

So if you're needing a new artist to discover, then join the premiere, listen to the track, watch the beautiful visuals and ask questions about LAYLA and her success in music, because this is an artist who's music won't be leaving your ears.