Roberto Kuster releases heartwarming ballad "Shoulder To Cry On"

Roberto Kuster’s newest creation, Shoulder To Cry On, blurs the line between a hard-hitting ballad and distinctive vocals. To those who have not yet explored the multi-faceted realms of this creative, now is the time to introduce you.

Born and raised in Guarapuava in Brazil, Roberto, at the age of eight, discovered the music world, starting with guitar lessons and after singing lessons. When he was ten, he first appeared in front of the audience, playing Michael Jackson.

After spending his teenage years experimenting with music, he started a project for an album with ten tracks, starting the pre-production in Europe and later to Nashville for the recordings, mixes and mastering. In 2018 he participated in the talent program, The Voice Brazil.  After reaching the end of his time on The Voice Brazil, where he got to the first few rounds, Roberto came back to this project.

The project was fully completed at the age of twenty in 2019, but never failing to think about the future, with the track being something that not only means a lot to Roberto, but the way the track starts is a clear way of saying how he feels.  Starting off with a beautiful piano and followed in by clear vocals and an acoustic guitar. It’s a track that will be stuck on the rewind button.

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