Aaron London releases new track and visuals to 'Think Big'

Aaron London has produced another fresh effort named Think Big. The new track is a lo-fi classic that collects groovy beats, soothing vocals and intricate elements that combine into this wonder of a track. 

After his first release of 2020, Life Don’t Stress Me, Aaron London has shown just how simple and complicated his music can be.  His work has produced the good vibes that allow for a good time, but also create those smooth beats produced for those chilled moments. 

The impact of Aaron’s talent is represented in the sophisticated lyrical content, allowing this artist to express areas that restricted him during his life.  But also take the time to create gripping videos on social media that talk about the important issues in this climate. 

There is no simple beat in this new track as it has layers on top of layers within Think Big.  Although the track is just over a minute long, it is still something to rock to as the harmonies are mixed in with a groovy bass line that is prominent throughout. 

This is a track that is simple, but creates something amazing and if you like what you're reading then you can click here to listen to the new track and watch the new music video here.