Conrad Deadly unveils new single "Sally Lies in My Girls Yard"

Conread Deadly is a singer-songwriter who hails from the last county in the UK before France down in Margate, Kent, but grew up in good old Yorkshire, and his brand new single "Sally Lies in My Girls Yard" has been recently released, and we're loving it!

The folk-pop track is Conrad's debut release after the singer-songwriter spent touring around the world with friends. The track itself is about travelling around the partying too much, being (as Conrad says) 'a wasteman'. But with a year of recovery he has finally released his debut single and the upbeat folk-pop track is one to add right away into your playlists. You can really hear his Yorkshire accent when he sings, which is something we adore highly.

You can check out Conrad's upbeat and bright debut single below, be sure to follow him on the socials as he is planning to release more music in the not too distant future.