DAY release their debut single "Mama" today!

Since first laying our ears upon this we've been excited to share it with you all. Today's the day the debut single from DAY is out. "Mama" is a song for the Arcade Fire fans as when you hear the saxophones and big and bold basslines you'll feel right at home. The song itself is written about our relationship with the earth and focuses on an animal searching for it's mother.

Formed just last year in 2019 the trio call North London home, and have since performed in over 20 venues all over the capital. Highlights of their first year as a band would be shows at O2 Academy in Islington and Sebright Arms in Hackney. The song may seem simplistic from the get go, but after you've listened to it a few times you'll really appreciate everything that goes on, from the horns, to the subtle guitar lines down to Alex's vocal performance.

With their debut track dropping in late March one thing is for sure, if they make a big push with the socials they can really be a top band to keep an eye on by the end of the year. They've got the quality in the band, clearly got a great debut to launch off, and a devoted fanbase captured from their live shows. After you've heard this bold debut, feel free to connect with them on their socials and playlist "Mama" - we love it.