Hannah Ashcroft reveals new single "Under the Static"

Hannah Ashcroft has today revealed her brand new single "Under the Static", which is the first piece of new work since her 2019 track "Landfire". The release is from a body of new material following a period of experimentation and features members of ​The Travelling Band ​and ​BC Camplight​ helping her with the recording process.

The single from the Manchester based singer-songwriter has got us all nostalgic, with some synths and delightful guitar tones that sound like they've been lifted from a blues song from the 80's. The single was recorded at Pinhole Sound Studio in Manchester and sounds like it was mixed rather beautifully too as you can clearly hear every part of the track with clarity. Her vulnerable vocals are possibly the best thing on this track, captivating you from go and delivering a long lasting impression that leaves you breathless.

Speaking about the track Hannah says - "The track is an ode to social anxiety. When everyday situations render you so speechless, your presence simply goes unnoticed or is misconstrued as aloof. I wanted to create tension within the instrumentation while the lyrics reflect a kind of internal dialogue, a sense of helplessness and a struggle to be heard above the noise."

We rather love this single, and after listening to it a good 5 or so times we are not bored of it, and I feel like we won't be for a long tine. Hannah Ashcroft really has stepped it up since her last piece of work, with this being her finest track yet. So head on down below and listen to the majestic track "Under The Static".