Innerkid shares sublime new single, "Meteor"

Innerkid has recently shared his brand new single, "Meteor", which is a brilliant way to showcase his talent. It's a bedroom track, but you wouldn't have known that unless I mentioned it as it's recorded and mixed so well.

The Austin, TX local has included some dark-electronic touches with this new tune, some auto-tune (but not too much) and some dream-pop elements to create a day-dreaming track that you can get lost into.

Over the last few years he has dropped out of college, moved into a laundry room in South Austin, and explored new methods of songwriting and music production.  If you were to compare his music to some of the larger artists it would be Bring Me The Horizons latest work mixed in with some acoustic elements, it honestly feels like it's readying Innerkid for massive things!

We've gone and stuck this on our big playlist on Spotify, so head there to check it in full, and while you're there feel free to follow this undiscovered artist. Texas has a lot of amazing artists and it seems that Innerkid is one of the latest crop of artists to break it.