Jess Robyn shares epic new single, "Track 6"

When we first Jess Robyn's brand new offering we couldn't help but drop our jaws. "Track 6" is a story of desire after encountering someone new in your life.

Her clean and crisp vocals are brilliantly mixed in with some slick production, sharp guitar hooks and thick basslines. "Track 6" is a perfect blend between London Grammar's style of production and sublime electro-pop anthems from the 90's - with the over arching commanding vocals.

It really does sounds like Jess Robyn is at the forefront of a new wave of epic electro-pop artists, and considering that she's only 17 it's quite an achievement. With plays on the BBC Radio she's also managed to get some airtime on TV sound-tracking segments to the Royal Wedding - which is something you don't hear every day.

In a the current climate it's great to let your self go and listen to this absolute gem, be sure to follow Jess Robyn on the socials, we can't wait for more!