Julian releases reminiscent new effort, Nineties Kids

Julian is a truly modern singer, song-writer who has secured
a loyal fanbase only one year into his music career. His
new single, Nineties Kids, encompasses the confusing and
relatable experience of reliving childhood memories amidst
playful, adolescent innocence.

Julian’s first release in 2019 came in the form of Miss
America - a poignant ballad that showcased Julian’s impressive
skill for both melody and vocal performance. Since then, the
most prominent release, now that i know you, has garnered
over 235,000 streams on Spotify alone! The track was
another emotively complex staple that exaggerated intentionally
foggy electronic guitar riffs and traditionally commercial percussion.

Julian’s new single, Nineties Kids, is an energetic
pop-infused track that showcases versatile and creative songwriting
ability. The exhilarating rhythmic pace celebrates the whirlwind of
nostalgia, revelling in the best aspects of being young and naive.
It is a vocal-heavy tune, a powerful party anthem that abruptly
throws the listener from the rigid structure and never-ending
responsibility of growing up. 

Check out the track, here.