Lose yourself in Jessamyn Rains atmospheric track "Fallen Into Silence"

Jessamyn Rains has recently shared her epic and atmospheric new track "Fallen Into Silence". The singer-songwriter who hails from Chattanooga in Tennessee. Jassamyn was originally from Illinois (a state in the USA),working as an English instructor and previously travelled the world before settling in Tennessee.

Back in 2016 she released her first solo album called  "All My Secrets" and since then has performed locally and getting a whole load of praise, and why not! Her vocals are stunning, really capping off her track, which has a slight country-esque approach, but with folk instrumentation and operatic vocals with lots of atmosphere as previously mentioned..

The multi-instrumentalist has a lot of experience in music and with lots of influences from the likes of Sara Watkins, Joni Mitchell, Marc Cohn, Iris Dement, and John Denver it's no wonder her lyrics are so in depth and meaningful. Be sure to check out the atmospheric track just below, and add it to your chillout playlists like we've done!