Lucy Aggett releases her flawless new single, "Sixteen"

Lucy Aggett has in the past month released her raw and honest track, "Sixteen". It's a song about reflecting life as a teenager, where everything was easy, no pressures in life and before the weight of the world hits you when you reach adulthood.

The track starts off with a gentle piano before moving on to incorporate some light and airy synths and a simplistic drumbeat, but not taking anything away from the majesty that is her vocals.

The Devon based singer-songwriter has been going from strength to strength as of late, with her folk inspired music getting her the attention of BBC Introducing in Devon and Cornwall. She even played for BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend back in 2016 with her former band, so you know that she's always been a quality songwriter.

With influences from Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens you can really hear them here in "Sixteen", especaially at the tail end of the track where it gets a bit experimental and atmospheric. It's a track we expect to hear a lot more of in the coming weeks while we're on lockdwon, just close your eyes and get lost in this epic track from a rising star.