PREMIERE: Chxrlotte releases new single 'Don't Save Me'

Brighton born Chxrlotte releases her shadowy new single “Don’t Save Me”, littered with pounding drum patterns and shattering electronic rhythms.

Combining dark, dramatic melodies with her refreshingly candid lyricism, “Don’t Save Me” fights with the darkness that threatens to swallow her whole. “It's kind of that feeling of being so depressed that you're not even yourself anymore” Chxrlotte explains. 

“I used the analogy of it feeling almost like a demon had possessed me in the song to try and capture that. It's about being in a really bad place mentally and feeling totally out of control”. 

Writing a song for the comedic fantasy series Good Omens, her debut single “Come With Me” was picked up by the actors and producers of the show, impressed by the jagged pop landscape the 22 year old singer/songwriter curated. 

Inspired by the likes of global superstar Billie Eilish and the unconventional musical stylings of Twenty One Pilots, Chxrlotte finds creativity even in the darkest of times. 

“Don’t Save Me” is out now so if you like what you're reading then you can click here to stream the new track.